ruby ring




    Celtic Ruby Ring

    A sterling silver ring with an authentic Ruby setting. Full of style and will add a...

    Dainty Floral Ruby & Emerald Ring

    This is a 14k solid gold retro style engagement ring. The ring has a beautiful...

    Festive Gold Ring with Emeralds and Rubies

    Beautifully designed 14k gold band with careful attention to details. The ring features Emerald and Ruby...

    Floral Ruby Ring

    Beautiful 14k gold ruby ring. Amazing gold ring that sits beautifully on the finger.  

    Gold Filigree Ruby Hoops Earrings

    "These are a unique pair of 14k gold half- hoop earrings. They hang beautifully on the...

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    ruby rings for sale

    Ruby ring is a popular gift among men and women. In addition, it also functions as the ultimate engagement ring. To learn more about this type of jewelry, you are more than welcome contacting Stones Jewelry Designs. Arik Sativ established this boutique shop, placed in Tel Aviv. Stones Jewelry Designs offers a verity of silver and golden collections – for many occasions and tastes.

    Ruby ring – for every occasion

    Ruby ring functions as the perfect gift for any type of event. Are you interested in buying ruby rings? This is a good call! Read the following, to learn when and why you should purchase this type of jewelry:

    • Birthdays – Your beloved mother or sister’s birthday is coming up soon, and you wish to surprise them with a one of kind, quality piece of jewelry. Ruby rings are the best option for you, since they are appropriate for women of all ages and tastes. Since ruby is considered as a symbol of love – presenting your loved ones with ruby rings will convey the message properly.
    • Getting engaged – Finally, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived: you have found the love of your life and are interested in proposing her. To give her an offer she cannot refuse, you should search for a special ring. By purchasing ruby ring, the romantic moment will become unforgettable – and you two will start planning your wedding soon.

    ruby ring design

    With jewelry, you can express your feelings for other people – without saying a single word. The present will speak volumes for you. To find the most exquisite jewelry, contact Stones Jewelry Designs. This store offers a variety of silver and golden collection – for both men and women.