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    Aquamarine College Ring

    "This is a 14k solid gold college ring with a faceted, oval shaped Aquamarine stone. This...

    Dainty Floral Ruby & Emerald Ring

    This is a 14k solid gold retro style engagement ring. The ring has a beautiful...

    Designed Blue Topaz Ring

    Beautiful sterling silver Blue Topaz ring. Hand carved with beautiful designs, giving the ring a unique...

    Festive Gold Ring with Emeralds and Rubies

    Beautifully designed 14k gold band with careful attention to details. The ring features Emerald and Ruby...

    Floral Diamond Ring

    Designed gold ring with sparkling Diamonds. 14k gold floral ring inlaid with 15 diamonds that add...

    Floral Diamonds Pendant

    This is a beautiful 14k gold art nouveau inspired pendant. The pendant is inlaid with five...

    Floral Ruby Ring

    Beautiful 14k gold ruby ring. Amazing gold ring that sits beautifully on the finger.  

    Garnet and Onyx Ring

    Lovely sterling silver ring with a central Garnet stone and sparkling onyx stones on the...

    Gold Filigree Ruby Hoops Earrings

    "These are a unique pair of 14k gold half- hoop earrings. They hang beautifully on the...

    Gold Spiral Opal Ring

    A unique and full of style 14k gold ring set with a marvelous Ethiopian Opal. Opal...

    Modern Citrine Ring

    Beautiful, modern designed silver ring with a sparkling Citrine stone. A beautiful piece to your collection! Citrine...

    Multi-colored Tourmaline Flower Ring

    This is a 14k solid gold vintage-style ring, with colorful Tourmaline stones that sit beautifully...

    Openwork Onyx Ring

    14k gold filigree Onyx ring. Perfect for everyday! Stylish with a touch of vintage.

    Spiral Tourmaline Ring

    14k gold ring featuring a sparkling pink Tourmaline stone. Available with different types of gemstones.  

    Vintage style Diamond Engagement ring

    "Unique vintage style engagement ring, set with a 0.25 carat diamond held in a 4...

    Vintage style Emerald ring

    Unique vintage style engagement ring, set with a 0.25 carat Emerald held in a 4...

    Vintage style gold Opal ring

    A 14k solid gold vintage style gemstone ring. This beautiful yellow gold ring features a sparkly...

    Vintage Style Marquise Ring with Gemstones

    Beautiful vintage style ring inlaid with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones. Can be ordered with gemstones of...

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    Precious stones include, among others, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These stones often use to embellish and make jewelry more attractive. Either incorporated in rings, necklaces or bracelets, these stones are fundamental throughout the design process – as well as the outcome. In order to learn more, contact Stones Jewelry Designs. Arik Sitav, a jewelry designer, established this boutique store. In addition, Arik Sitav creatively creates silver and golden jewelry.

    Providing information about precious stones jewelry

    We feel our best when we look our best. That is why so many search for the perfect piece of jewelry; the most glorious item that will complete our appearance – and will make us feel fantastic. In order to do so, and take the first step to create a unique look, you should explore the following option: precious stones jewelry. Whether you are searching for necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, this kind of jewelry is the right fit.

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    Jewelry that incorporates precious stones arrives at several variations, including ruby. In addition, there are plenty of jewelry that incorporate semi-precious stones; an option that ultimately creates a wonderful piece of art.

    To find whichever piece of jewelry you are looking for, you should contact skilled designers; creative workers who provide high-end collections. When you do so, describe the following information:

    • Are you looking for a single piece of jewelry or a complete set?
    • Which precious stones do you prefer?

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    Fine jewelry is men and women’s best friend. Are you looking for a new friend? Contact Stones Jewelry Designs. This store offers silver and golden jewelry, as well as collections that incorporate precious stones. These collections are original, innovative and unique – created with an uncompromising quality.