Dainty Gold Feather Pendant


Dainty Gold Feather Pendant


Our mini gold feather pendant!
This gold feather pendant is handmade and stacks perfectly with additional necklaces!
Perfect for a comfy, everyday look.
Suits both men and women, classy with a twist.

Pendant Length: 26 mm
Pendant Width: 4.43 mm
Pendant Height (thickness): 1.5 mm

*PLEASE NOTICE* that the listing is for the *pendant only*
If you’re interested in a gold necklace as well- please message us for information 🙂

-Made of 14k solid gold
אנו שולחים לכל מקום ועם מספר מעקב
נעשה באהבה בסטודיו שלנו
-We ship with a tracking code and insurance
-Feel free to contact us for any further information

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