We invest a lot of love and effort in the process of making our jewelry.

Arik Sitev is the main designer who started his journey with jewelry many years ago while traveling around the world.

From Japan to Nepal and India – Arik learned everything about making jewelry and absorbed the local culture that gave him

An inspiration in his first collections, and continues to inspire him to this day.

Arik ‘s significant attraction to gemstones led him to name his studio ‘Stones’ – simple, elegant and to the point.

Our studio is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, a vibrant, urban environment with 

artistic atmosphere

We specialize in jewelry for men and women – from delicate and elegant jewelry to jewelry

Rough and full of expression and comfort – Arik’s art pays great attention to details.

We work with solid gold, sterling silver and natural gemstones.

We like to combine vintage style jewelry with modern twists, with unique elements and techniques.

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