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Stones jewelry shop offers plant of jewelry for men and women – from pendants, rings to bracelets. Enjoy our special sales today!
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From earrings, rings to bracelets, we have them all!

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From experience to variety of items – Stones jewelry shop offers a one of a kind service, as well as unique jewelry for men and women alike.


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Jewelry shop

A high-end jewelry shop, such as Stones Jewelry Designs, offers creative and original silver and golden collections – as well as jewelry that incorporates precious stones. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, or for yourself – with Stones Jewelry Designs you will find exactly what you need. Arik Sitav established this store, as well as designs the store's innovative collections. From solid gold earrings and pendants, sterling silver rings and bracelets to precious stones jewelry – you are more than welcome to examine and purchase your favorite item. Find exactly what you are looking for Over the years, we form a cohesive identity – as our taste in jewelry forms as well. To find exactly what you are looking for, you are more than welcome contacting Stones Jewelry Designs.

Searching for a quality jewelry shop

Designing and creating jewelry is a form of art. Consequently, when you search for a jewelry shop, you ought to make sure that it will provide high quality products. From silver bracelets, sterling silver pendants, solid gold rings to high-end jewelry collection made of precious stones – quality jewelry shops will provide you these items, and so much more. When looking for jewelry shops, you should examine the following: • What kind of materials do the designers use when creating the jewelry? • Are the designs are original and one of a kind? • How will you be able to maintain the jewelry after purchasing them? The answers to these questions will assist you in finding the right shop. In addition, you should also request recommendations. Whether you are turning to your relatives, friends or colleagues – their own experience will guide you to the best jewelry shop.

Jewelry store in Israel

Are you looking for a jewelry store in Israel? One that offers unique collections and statement pieces of jewelry? You are more than welcome contacting Stones Jewelry Designs. This boutique store offers silver and golden collections for both men and women. Arik Sitav established the store, and he also functions as a jewelry designer and an importer. To find a unique and beautiful gift for your loved ones, visit Stones Jewelry Designs today. Beautiful and original jewelry Are you interested in visiting a jewelry store? Stones Jewelry Designs is the place for you! In this store you will surely find what you are looking for, as Arik Sitav's collections are glorious and original.

Jewelry store in Israel: significant details

Many of us maintain a happy and familiar routine where we spend our time either at work, with our family and friends or at home, resting. However, this routine is often interrupted by happy events such as birthdays, weddings and many other occasions. In order to celebrate them properly, we will search for the best gifts for our loved ones. Some of the most popular gifts are in the realm of jewelry – and it comes as no surprise. When looking for jewelry store in Israel, you ought to make sure that the store has the following: • Various collections of jewelry; collections that will impress you and allow you to pick the perfect item and purchase it. • Unique pieces of jewelry as well as attractive prices. In other words, when buying a necklace or earrings, they should be within your respective budget. Your siblings and friends will surely appreciate the gift either way. • The staff of the store should be professional and polite. Indeed, it make all the difference, as well as encourage the clients to keep coming back to the store in future.

Jewellery design – searching for the most luxurious item

Jewellery design is a woman's best friend. Do you wish to indulge yourself with a new piece of jewelry? Are you looking for a statement ring to gift your partner? In order to find the perfect item, you should read the following: • For whom does this jewelry intended? • Do they have a personal preference for golden or silver jewelry? • Do they appreciate delicate or extravagant jewelry? • What budget do you have? Next, based on the answers for these questions, you can contact a jewelry store – and purchase the perfect item. In order the secure a high-end purchase of jewelry, you ought to make sure that the store offers unique collections. Moreover, before the purchase itself, you should ask about the sizes of the piece of jewelry, its material and price.

Jewellery design

Are you searching for a special jewellery design? Whether it is luxurious silver rings, golden bracelets, or unique necklaces – Stones Jewelry Designs will gladly provide the perfect item. Arik Sitav – who holds an immense experience in creating gold and silver jewelry, established this boutique store, located in Tel Aviv. To learn more about the stories behind the jewelry, as well as purchase some for your loved ones, contact Stones Jewelry Designs today. Creating a statement You can buy jewelry with a unique design for several occasions: birthdays, engagements and even for no reason at all. Either way, in order to purchase the right jewelry for your loved ones or for yourselves, contact Stones Jewelry Designs. This store specializes in unique, statement pieces. In addition, the jewelry arrive at different styles.